STPOM | Executive Director Keynote | Current Status


It has taken us three years to establish the palm oil mill and to get it up and running, from the date of initial negotiations with the Government of Kelantan, through to the satisfaction of the licensing requirements, to the construction of the mill and finally, the smooth operation of the mill at almost full capacity.

It is a fantastic achievement for AGROPALM as the Group of Companies does not own any plantation land at present or within the vicinity of the mill. The success today is truly attributed to the founder of AGROPALM, Mr. Bernard Ling Ting Hang. He has seen to the development of the AGROPALM Group of Companies based purely on his integrity and vast experience as a planter.

The formation of STPOM stamps the achievements of AGROPALM as a company that not only avidly adopts new technology, but also embraces it, taking the driving seat towards continuous development. The adoption of new technology was supported by CBIP Berhad from the onset of negotiations to the commissioning of the mill, to this day. STPOM is regarded as the exhibit mill for CBIP Berhad and MPOB, who jointly hold the patent to the design of the palm oil mill.

AGROPALM is still active in the continuous development of the mill, working jointly with CBIP to improve the technology further. We are already achieving Oil Extraction Rates [OER] and Kernel Extraction Rates [KER] above the MPOB National Standards for millers. Our oil losses are amazingly low. The human resource requirements have been reduced to 8 operational personnel as oppose to 35+ for the conventional mill. This allows STPOM the competitive edge to better meet market demands.

Further enhancing the competitive advantages available to STPOM is the quality of the Crude Palm Oil produced via continuous sterilization. The absence of pressure vessels negates the overcooking of the FFB and thus allows the preservation of CAROTENE, high in Vitamins A & E in its natural state, in the high level DOBI crude palm oil. The Palm Kernels produced maintains its light natural color preserving the qualities of the Kernel. These findings are key to the future development of the mill as we embark to further capitalize on the wonders of palm oil.

STPOM is more than a mill to AGROPALM, it is the open doorway to allow us to explore other new possibilities with oil palm, potentially availing the opportunity to own plantation land and also to explore other commercial crops. Already, the team with Agro Palm Management Services Sdn. Bhd. [APMS] is in the midst of planning for the future which also includes ventures into Bio-Diesel and SMR Grade Rubber Production.

Thank you.