As a retired planter, I ventured into plantation consultancy to fill the void that is apparent after retirement. With my team of consultants, we started out as retired planters looking for new opportunities for the betterment of our financial needs and to hopefully be able to leave our legacy behind.

The company has come a long way from the humble beginnings of a plantation consultancy firm comprising of very well experienced planters, milling engineers and agronomists. Supported by close friends with decades of experience in the plantation industry the business has grown beyond our expectations at the onset.

It is very well understood that the plantation industry, predominantly in the cultivation of oil palm, is very lucrative, with many companies today venturing into the industry in a big way. Sadly, although oil palm is often regarded as ‘gold' sprouting from the ground, it is very often forgotten that unlike gold, oil palms need to be nurtured.

The changes in the environment both in the cultivation requirements and the new levels of competitiveness, makes it a requirement to optimize available cultivatable land. The expertise available from the years of experience garnered by the team of consultants is the ‘gold' that AGROPALM proudly owns and is able to share and further cultivate.

Companies need to pay heed to the changing environmental markers, such as the changing weather patterns, soil requirements, etc. and to couple the solutions with the solutions to meet the market supply and demand. Continuous adoption and development of available new technologies should be embraced to both maintain production levels and to curb the declining stature of what was worldly renowned as the Malaysian Palm Oil Standards.

Take the Palm Oil Milling Industry for example, which has reached a new crossroad with the innovative introduction of the Continuous Sterilization of FFB at atmospheric pressure with front end automation. AGROPALM has proudly adopted the new technology in its palm oil mill, namely the Sungai Terah Palm Oil Mill. It is the latest and 3 rd generation of the groundbreaking technology which has enhanced performance results, scaling new heights in the Palm Oil Milling Industry.

The learning process never ceases, with the younger members of our management team learning from the older consultants and vice versa. This way the consultants are able to share their pool of knowledge and also develop, jointly with the younger associates, new ‘Best Practice' management practices, keeping in pace with the ever developing plantation industry and global arena.

We have worked hard at establishing AGROPALM as a respected company in the plantation industry for its reliability and the effectiveness of its management practices, purely through the available pool of expertise and experience in the field, whilst maintaining our integrity at the highest levels.

These are interesting years ahead, with the often erratic changes in weather and market demands. The el Nino weather phenomenon, etc. will test the capabilities of estate managers and owners alike. The development of the usage of Crude Palm Oil in bio-diesels will change the outlook of the Oil Palm Industry. All in all, the near foreseeable future of the industry looks to be very promising.

AGROPALM is ready, willing and able to meet the global demands of Palm Oil and look set to capitalize on its strengths, ensuring strong continuous growth and development towards the satisfaction of its vision.

Thank you.