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SERVICES PROVIDED - AGROPALM Management Services Sdn Bhd

1. Managing Agent
  • Planning and recruiting the necessary staff to manage the operations of the projects undertaken.
  • Establishing the necessary systems for efficient and effective day-to-day management of plantations, factories, refineries and mills, both technically and financially.
  • To introduce and implement proper agricultural practices and operating procedures to maintain high standards of management efficiency and effectiveness at all time.
  • Reviewing monthly management accounts for the client and providing detailed variance analysis against budgets.
  • To undertake preparation of budgets and monitoring of expenditures for the clients.
  • To make available, if needed, experienced teams to undertake feasibility studies, financial reporting especially on agricultural development, soil survey and other related fields.
  • To manage the Human Resource requirements for the plantation from the recommendation and procurement of managerial staff to general staff with specific skills.
2. Agricultural and Engineering Advisory
  • To procure a suitably qualified staff to visit project sites (2 to 3 times a year as Planting Advisor, Palm Oil Consultant, Systems Engineer, etc.), for the purpose of inspecting the operations of the project.
  • Preparation of comprehensive reports to be presented to the clients on the progress thereof and on the conduct of their businesses, after each visit.
  • To provide further technical and operational expertise to the appointed management team at the project site as and when required.
3. Agronomic Advisory:
  • To carry out detailed soil and foliar analysis annually.
  • To procure a suitably qualified agricultural agronomist to visit the plantation for the purpose of examining agronomic factors affecting performance of the crop and to draw up manuring recommendations based on foliar analysis results and agronomic observations.
  • To monitor and forecast pest and disease outbreaks and recommend remedial measures.
  • To monitor yields on the plantations and recommend improved management practices to enhance the yield.
4. Centralized Purchasing; Synergy
  • To undertake and negotiate bulk central purchases of agricultural requirements such as fertilizers, agro-chemicals, machinery and tools, etc. for the agricultural project.
5. Marketing:
  • To undertake marketing of agricultural produce and by-products for the plantations or agricultural projects.
6. Feasibility Studies:
  • To examine the location, topography, water resources, soil and climatic factors in relation to the suitability of agricultural development.
  • To determine the processing requirement of the project.
  • To provide management planning, work schedules and development logistics.
  • To list infrastructure requirements and cost.
  • To prepare a financial evaluation of the project.
7. Supply of Agricultural Materials:
  • To supply fertilizers, agro-chemicals, machinery and tools for the plantations or agricultural projects.
  • To supply quality germinated seeds, and other nursery planting materials.
  • To supply leguminous cover crop seeds.
8. Financial Management Consultants
  • To act as a mediator/agent in sourcing funds for potential clients.
  • To provide a financial due diligence review to carry out appropriate verification procedures on all major areas of concern or of relevance, with the major areas of concern to be presented on a case by case basis, specific to the requirements of the client.
  • To provide a team of professionals in the relevant areas of employment to facilitate a due diligence exercise.