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Agro Palm Management Services Sdn. Bhd. [APMS] is the first of the Agro Palm Group of Companies. It was formed on July 28, 1998, also by the groups founder Mr. Bernard Ling Ting Hang.

The formation of the company and its success today is the sole achievement of Mr. Bernard Ling Ting Hang. Through his integrity and vast experience in the plantation industry, APMS commenced business as a plantation consultancy firm headed by his good self. The company has since grown from an annual turnover of RM150,000.00 to above three quarters of a million ringgit for the current year.

The initial development of the business was slow due to the lack of trust' in the very competitive palm oil industry. Maintaining his integrity throughout, whilst maintaining the policy of regarding the estates or plantations visited as his own, that is with the interests of the land owners always the priority, APMS managed to procure the initial consultancy contracts.

The initial consultancy contracts saw the requirement to travel as far as Madagascar and also the employment of additional consultants to enable APMS to better meet the demands of its clients. With the signing on of new consultants to strengthen the position of APMS, it has also enabled the company to widen the range of services available from APMS. [discussed later]

APMS is purely a 'service provider' company, with its services focused on but not limited to the cultivation of commercial crop [predominantly palm oil and rubber], development of palm oil mills/ rubber factories, etc. Essentially, agricultural based management services. Initial consultancy involved visitations with recommendations to evaluate plantations for sale or purchase; improvements to basic estate management practices such as improvements in manuring programs, water management, etc.

Agro Palm Management Services Sdn. Bhd. has since evolved to include a wide range of agricultural based management services as listed in the following sections.

PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES - Agro Palm Management Services Sdn. Bhd.

APMS is an agricultural management services company with its core expertise in the cultivation of oil palm and the management of palm oil mills. With this, the key activities undertaken by the company are:
  • To act as managing agents or managers relating to the administration and organization of the agricultural industry.
  • To act as advisors or consultants in the operation of plantations, factories, palm oil mills and other agricultural areas.
  • To enter into contract in relation to construction/development and operation of plantations, factories, refineries and mills.
  • To carry on the business as distributors, agents and dealers in various kinds of fertilizers, agricultural equipment and tools, agricultural products, building materials, cement, and food/dairy products.
  • Financial Management consultants both in the management and investment into oil palm cultivation.