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APISB Chairman Message

Since the inception of Sungei Terah Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd, we have gained sufficient experience to venture into new territory. Though the current CPO market is stagnant it should improve when the oil stock is depleted and the world economy is more stable.

We have the manpower to meet the new challenges if we succeed in our attempt to acquire new projects.

We have formed Agro-Palm International Sdn Bhd as a subsidiary of Agro-Palm Sdn Bhd to manage the project.

We are in a position and desirous of taking over Perusahaan Minyak Sawit Bintang Sdn Bhd & Young Peng Realty Sdn Bhd (MSB&YPR) of I & P Group Sdn Bhd.

And will be able to raise fund from our financial linkage for this exercise.

Our intention is to conduct a smooth transfer to take over the Mill and Plantation without complications and hardship to the workforce. There will not be any immediate dismissal of any work force which could attract unwanted publicity.

With the acquisition of this property it will also enable us to initiate our long overdue aspiration of setting up an Orphanage and an Old Folks Home, which we could not do in Sungei Terah Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd due to limited land availability